Save Energy, Expense & the Environment

Lower Operational COST on Electricity & SAVE


Objective:  Systemically reduce electricity waste and power loss. Save significantly on utility cost.


1. FIXED COST:  There are very limited ways to lower the fixed / operational costs to improve the bottom line. Proven systemic approach to optimize electrical energy in use shall help lower your operational / fixed expenses for many years, yielding a robust ROI. Saving energy benefits the environment as well.


2. POWER FACTOR:  Transmission loss at the main entry has a Power Factor (PF) less than 1.0. Internal losses (Hysterisis, Skin effect, Proximity effect, Transformer loss, Resistive, Stray, Line, Dielectric, Eddy-Current, Harmonics, etc.) decrease the PF further on reaching the Load (machines, equipments, HVAC, Lighting, etc.). Lower PF draws extra energy from the grid, impose possible ‘PF Penalty’ and higher cost.


3. CUSTOM DESIGN:  Capacitors and harmonics are individually custom designed at the entry and at each Load. In use by 145,000 + locations in 70 countries over the past 35 years. This reduces energy wastage and loss by an average 16 %  and saves electricity cost anywhere from 8 % and up to 30 %.

Energy Conservation Intro
Energy Conservation Intro

4. SYSTEM APPROACH:  The Energy Conservation program shall encompass the following:

a) Free Analysis of the last 12 months bills and the initial facility report

b) Guaranteed and INSURED savings and help with filing claims, if needed.

c) Enabling appropriate Financing Options per client’s choice

d) Investigate rebates and help client to reap the full benefits that are available

e) Six Years monitor and report the Energy and Cost savings – extendable to 20 years.

5. PAY-BACK:  Manufacturers using lot of machines with a monthly electricity bill $ 30,000 + may recoup the optimization cost in less than 24 months; non-manufacturers do so in less than 36 months. Utility Rebates, Tax Incentives, etc. (if available) shorten the pay-back time, with a much higher ROI. The entire project cost is recouped during the Pay-back period and the savings improve the profit margin for years.

6. GUARANTEED & INSURED:  Savings is guaranteed and insured by a global Insurance company.

7. COST ESTIMATE:  Analysis of (i) Last 12 months’ itemized electricity bills and (ii) Completed Initial Facility Assessment Form for each meter helps estimate the energy and cost savings. We assure strict confidentiality of all your documents. Quite simple to start saving on electricity cost and no need to add this item in a subsequent budget or accumulate cash reserve in order to lower your fixed operational cost.

8. FINANCING:  If desired,threefinancingchoices areprovided by a reputable firm: a) Operating Lease – 60 months, b) Capital Lease – 60 months, c) Installment Purchase – 24 months.

9. NEXT STEP:  To start saving and improve your profit margin, email us your (a) Last 12 months itemized electricity bills & (b) completed Initial Facility Form. Will provide a FREE savings estimate, set up a meeting at a mutually convenient time for a brief demo and answer your questions and concerns.

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